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Hypnocrazy was created by creative people who wanted to bring something different they couldn’t find anywhere else. From their knowledge of Alternative Art Culture and their taste for Streetwearthey’ve brought to the apparel world a bunch of unconventional items to add to your closet. Realizing their work couldn’t reach most people they decided to bring their art form to the most common item everyone knows and wears : socks, boxer briefs and hats.
Drawing, painting, Cutting, Pasting, all of our items have been previously hand drawn, handcrafted, with great attention to details. Everyone can know enjoy fun high-qualitative products, thanks to the softness of the material of our fresh cutted boxer briefs.
If like Hypnocrazy you pay close attention to the details of your outfit and wanna stand out with colorful designs you should definitely try our product and see for yourself how great they are. Stay tuned for new stuff all year long.

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